Andrea Annunziata

Visual artist Andrea Annunziata was born in São Paulo, where she received her BFA from FAAP – FAP (College of Fine Arts), in Architecture and Urban Planning. She has dedicated herself to fine arts since her graduation, including prestigious exhibits at prominent venues, such as in MAM, La Galerie Francine and at the Brissac-Quincé Castle in France.

In 2001, Andrea moved to California in the pursuit of a new art horizon, where she could learn more about the American culture, and also from other media, such as print, sculpture, photography, ceramics, digital art and others. Throughout this process, she participated in important local exhibits, including at The Oakland Museum, The Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, The Somarts Gallery and other venues in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Five years later, Annunziata was selected as one of the artists of a historic online exhibit organized by The International Museum of Women, where her series “Mulheres Moluscas” (Mollusk Women) was also included in the book Imagining Ourselves – Global Voices From a New Generation of Women, edited by Paula Goldman. Chilean journalist and writer, Isabel Allende, penned the foreword of the book.

In 2007, Annunziata returned to her home country; since then, she has been involved in important exhibits and publications on her work. Andrea currently lives in São Paulo and reveals her art through her inner self: to her, this is the most important thing in her career. She likes to explore many art media, even though she is known by her mixed-media paintings, in which she uses silkscreen, collages and assemblages.

All the series included at her site reflect existence and ambiguity, daily life and tasks, memories and relationships, victories and hopes. All such themes leave a mystic atmosphere behind, no matter where they go…